We know at least one member of the Enterprise-D crew had a holodeck sex simulation where all the female members of the senior staff thinks he's hot and wants to grind him.

what the heck was happening on that ship when we weren't looking

@Cathymarinara @Jessicacrets Reading the wiki on this, were these Cetaceans from Earth or from other planets?

@mxsiege @Jessicacrets I have no idea, but i’ve chosen to interpret it as earth dolphins who are conducting an anthropological study on humanoids, using the rest of the ship as a kind of rat city for observation

@Cathymarinara @Jessicacrets After all of earth were spared by the whales, that makes sense.

@mxsiege @Cathymarinara @Jessicacrets

the whales one (4) is the best movie followed by 2 and 6 not taking questions

@Eweish @Jessicacrets @mxsiege all of it is so good, but them dividing up their hundred bucks on the corner is one of my faves

@Eweish @mxsiege @Cathymarinara

McCoy: My God, man. Do you want an acute case on your hands? This woman has immediate postprandial, upper-abdominal distention. Now, out of the way! Get out of the way!

Kirk: What did you say she has?

McCoy: Cramps.

@Jessicacrets riker’s got an entire folder of simulations named “~The Spank Bank~” with the tilde so the computer always lists it first when anyone else searches for a simulation.

@Jessicacrets A holodeck development meeting went like this:

Project manager: “Ok, we need a name for our new holographic simulator where you can go anywhere and do anything *wink* with anyone *wink*”
Engineer: “I had a...”
Manager: “We’re going to call it a holodeck, short for holographic deck”
Engineer: [quietly crosses “masturbatorium” off a list]

Also, from “The Perfect Mate”:


I wouldn't need a holodeck, just a transfer to a Klingon ship so I could continually challenge the female members to 1-on-1 wrestling matches.

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