I made Adrienne read the first issue of Daredevil and I'm pretty sure Stan Lee's terrible writing broke her

@Jessicacrets I haven't read that one, but X-Men #1 where on the last page the professor thinks about his crush on barely legal Jean is just ewww

@Jessicacrets Stan Lee is the greatest example of “honestly just throw ideas out enough and eventually someone will make it work”

@boxian it was definitely not him who ever made it work tho! honestly if he just pulled back on the dialogue and text and trust the artists to do their job they'd be a lot more readable. but that's how comic were back then. they were all like that, his were just worse about it

@Jessicacrets yeah that’s why I said “someone else” will make it work. He was the blue sky crank in the room that cut checks lol

@boxian he had some vision and some ideas that made the whole thing come together but he was nothing without Kirby and Ditko and the rest of the stable

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