watching the 2003 Daredevil movie. i forgot the opening credits are done in braille! hahaha (have no idea if the braille is correct)

omg a rapist in the movie is named andre Joe Quesada! (most the characters seem to be named after marvel writers/artists, I've already heard Miller, Bendis and Mack mentioned as well)

I don't like 00s alternative rock (I basically only listened to 60s pop until I was like...17) so I do not enjoy the music in this movie!!!

@Jessicacrets @DylTheFunkyHomosexual i don't even like the song lmao it's good for a meme and nothing else.

@Jessicacrets @DirectorBlack I remember watching the music video when I was 5 and I remember crying because I couldn’t save the girl from falling

@DylTheFunkyHomosexual @Jessicacrets i was 2 years old or whatever when that song came out i was too busy listening to the o.g. band the wiggles

@DylTheFunkyHomosexual @Jessicacrets the wiggles have never won a grammy and it's one of many reasons why they suck donkey ass

@Jessicacrets @DylTheFunkyHomosexual haha you just realized that you boomer disguised as a millennial or whatever lmao get rekt 😎 🙃

@Jessicacrets @DylTheFunkyHomosexual you could that this sweetheart

*puts on sunglasses*

has been sweetly hurt


@Jessicacrets @DylTheFunkyHomosexual savage like your emotions showing how hard you're getting owned by the bigender bitch :heart_bigender:

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