Australia doesn’t actually exist, it’s just Lynne and like a dozen dolphins strapped together

The Big Sleep (1939) but it's just me because I'm tired

gonna watch The Other Side of the Wind tomorrow. I think I'm finally ready for it

there like 6 Hitchcock movies that could easily be my favorite and it all depends on which I've seen most recently

showed Adrienne Notorious tonight. one of the few perfect movies, beginning to end. 4 people walking slowly down a staircase and to a car is somehow more suspenseful and stressful than anything made in the last 40 years

the sweetheart of mastodon thinks you're all so wonderful and pretty and her love shines upon you

andi and audrey you're also pretty and zoe too. all the zoes. we have a veritable SURFEIT of cuties on here and YOU ALL KNOW IT

the sweetheart of mastodon is a pretty girl and everyone knows it pass it on

boosted. boosted. boosted. none of you are free from cuteness.

I demand the council sentence Larry to 25 years hard labor in the problematic mines

Larry is accusing the sweetheart of mastodon of lying about doing a backflip in the middle of the office. I demand the council cancel him

jesus looks like he told you to meet him at the barnes and noble starbucks because he thought if he dumped you in a public place you wouldn't freak out on him.

you were wrong jesus.

part of the reason I'm talking about a thing im working on in public, even though I hate doing that, is I'm trying to force myself to actually do it

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