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US Politics 

mopped the floor, which means I'm stuck in my carpeted living room until the rest of the house is dry

months and months back someone did a post about the different people on here theyve had crushes on, and let me say, my head grew three times that day

just now dawning on me that the type of guy I find attractive probably partially came from me growing up on Fantastic Four comics....

I love to read "anime comics" because I get a real thrill in reading backwards

@Jessicacrets it’s stressful in its own way, i suppose. instead of the pressure of being a good poster who needs to remain in peak form like an elite athlete, worried about posting badly, the not-good poster fears both failure AND success.

thank goodness there’s always “replying to better posts” to see me through

wonder what it would be like to be someone who does not-good posts

I had Link's Awakening and never beat it. Same for Link's Awakening DX. Also once bought it in the virtual console store on my 3DS. Wondering if I can go 4 for 4 with this remake

if anything both publishers have tried to wind back the clock on some of their biggest characters, supes and spidey in particular

while there are plenty of comics today I live it really feels like superhero comics has been in a form of stasis since about the mid 90s or so. very few genuinely new heroes created. the characters haven't really moved forward in big ways with their lives (compare this to how much the status quo changed with both DC and Marvel characters from the 60s through the beginning of the 90s. Peter Parker had grown quite a bit since his beginnings)

my dream website is a website only I can go too. i call it a "home page"

not only are cis people allowed on this"website" but cis MEN too? there's such a thing as going too far

one of my very best friends sent me an early wedding present: Ditko's entire Spider-Man run!

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