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Horror Movie 18 on this Holiest of Months: The Town that Dreaded Sundown ('76)

Just finished Kelly Sue DeConnick's first volume of Aquaman. Really liked it and excited for the next one to come out

Horror Movie 17 on this Holiest of Months: The Blood on Satan's Claws ('71)

If you change your display name and profile pic I have zero idea who are for like the first 12 times you reply to me, also known as the @wintgenstein effect

My cat just tried to bite my bra strap. Fucking pervert

My memory tells me that the 90s Spider-Man cartoon fairly accurately recreated the look of the 90s comic BUT there's no way they did the story where the sinister six tried to get the whole world hooked on coke so what's the point

I've got the blues, which means I am physically unable to finish putting away my groceries

Are any of those Marvel cartoons from the 90s ACTUALLY good? I don't mean "it's good because I liked it as a kid"

When I eventually torpedo my marriage in a stupid and embarrassing fashion I'll definitely post the sincere inverse of this lmao

I traded hedonism for domesticity and sometimes I'm not sure it was a fair deal

Not enough people tooting about the sweetheart of mastodon, a beloved figure who is too lazy to show up to this god forsaken website anymore

Horror Movie 16 on this Holiest of Months: Rosemary's Baby ('68)

Horror Movie 14 on this Holiest of Months: Vampire's Kiss ('88)

But I will say that while it's bad, Johns is still good at making it a page turner. That's like his secret weapon in everything he does.

4 issues in to Doomsday Clock. You may be shocked to learn this isn't very good

ah, So u persecute Lucifer just because he has different beliefs? Do Tell. (god gets mad at me) Sorry. Im sorry. Im trying to remove it

Horror Movie 14 on this Holiest of Months: The Devil's Bride ('68)

Horror Movie 13 on this Holiest of Months: The Seventh Victim ('43)

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