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One of my biggest sources of stress rn is that dc comics downgraded the Man of Steel by John Byrne omnibus into a standard hardcover, but has not updated what issues it will include. What is wrong with me.

If I were on the starship Voyager, I would simply go home

Just had the PERFECT game of Sonic the Hedgehog ('91) in that I started it at the beginning of the podcast I was listening to and got a game over the second it ended.

Reading through Tomasi's Batman & Robin run has been fun but frustrating. It's clear Tomasi had bigger plans for Carrie Kelley (the girl who was Robin in Frank Miller's DKR) and for some reason had to drop them and she just completely DISAPPEARS from the book

I know I've been talking about doing this podcast focused on Grant Morrison's DC work for like a year now, but if I do, can anyone think of a good catchy name that still gets the idea across of what the pod is about? I'm terrible at this shit.

Read Grant Morrison's second volume of The Green Lantern and I hate to say it because I absolutely Iove him but I'm not sure if this run is working for me. But sometimes his stuff can be a slow burn so I'm willing to give it time to change my mind

Also when I went to my folks' house for Christmas I stumbled across one of my most treasured possessions when I was a kid!

I know Jesus is in the first handful of verses of Acts, but that was just outtakes from Luke they tacked onto the beginning

The Book of Acts is like one of those sequels where you cant get the star of the previous movie back, so you just try and carry on without him. The Book of Acts is the Bible version of Hot Tub Time Machine 2

And now I've finished Vol 11 of Tom King's Batman. So great. I'm going to miss this when I finally read the last two, soon to be released, volumes. One of the greatest batman runs I've ever read.

Just finished volume two of Tomasi's run on Detective Comics. I was ok with the first vol, but god his writing rubs me the wrong way. The Arkham Knight storyline is BAD

If you were going to reccomend an action jrpg (no turned based malarkey) to me for the Switch what would you suggest?

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jellicle is that feeling of awe and envy that sometimes overcomes a person when a cat with those giant furry perfectly round balls they have sometimes slowly walks past with its tail up, butthole on full display

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