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Adrienne already owned a SHIT TON of JRPGs that she hasn't been able to play since her old PS2 broke.

I bought a Playstation Classic and Adrienne bought used PS2. God we're so uncool hahahahaha

I know you worthless nerds all hated this when it came out, but this arrived in the mail for me today. It was dirt cheap and I got it so I could finally play the first Metal Gear Solid. (Havent really been posting about it here but for the last couple weeks I've obsessively been playing every Kojima Metal Gear Solid game and that was the only one I still havent played)

Hahaha I've become the type of asshole who bobs her head cheerily to christmas music in the grocery store


Did you see DC is doing a Legion 5 years later omnibus?!?!?

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Finished my list of my favorite movies of the 2010s! Check it out!!

Finished my list of my favorite movies of the 2010s! Check it out!!

Took my one and only tourist-y photo in NYC and then got the hell out of there! Too many people! (Selfie)

Got my hair done the other day and super happy with how it turned out (selfies)

Got a lot to do before I leave for Philly tomorrow ugh I want to be lazy

I would like Moore's run on Supreme to be in print too but I'm not sure who owns those rights

Weird to me that Tom Strong isnt in print. You'd think DC would want to keep a book by one of the most famous comic book writers of all time on the shelves.

I added a bunch of people on Facebook that I knew years ago and one of them sent me a long as message saying they dont like my "lifestyle" or whatever and are outspoken about anti-trans stuff but he will still be my friends and I was like shit I thought you were someone else lmao

I need another big epic to lose myself in. Sometimes video games have filled this hole, other times long comic runs. But I hate the feeling after because now I'm just hungry for the next!

I feel empty since finishing Death Stranding a week ago. I keep trying to find something else to completely swallow my life like that did

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