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still bummed we couldnt get at least a little Sybock action though! does Sarek never speak of ANY of his children? the green blooded bastard

Very excited to see what happens with season 3. I honestly have no idea where it's gonna go!!!

The "let's all never speak of this again" ending was lousy but loved last night's Discovery finale outside of that

two issues in to Paul Levitz legendary Legion of Superheroes run and omg there are too many characters to keep straight!!!

in the waiting room for my second doctor's appointment of the day ugh

I thought of a reply to a post that was so good that I got distracted and drooled on myself

me, having sex with a dude: *whispers* "if you die inside me you die in real life"

planning on mainlining a ton of Legion of superheroes stuff on my flight to Dublin on Saturday . that's my big dv blindspot

me, having sex with a dude: *whispers* "if you die inside me you die in real life"


*extremely knows nothing about comics voice* that's bullshit

UGH they're taking Animal Man off of DC Universe app because they dont want to have any Vertigo, Black Label or Wildstorm on the app. just DCU (with some exceptions.) even tho animal man started off as DC and became vertigo later on, the consider it vertigo all the way

Ahhhhh so excited for the two hour star trek Discovery finale tonight!!!

superman's best villains are the ones he has to out think, the ones he can't simply punch, while his are the ones where it all comes down to brute strength, which is sooooo boring

the one thing that makes Batman stories generally better than Superman is he has way more great villains, even though he's a less interesting character overall. superman has two great ones (Luthor and Braniac), three good ones (Mr Mxyzptlk, Metallo, and Parasite) and a lot of TERRIBLE ones (Zod, Doomsday, Toyman). also I don't count Darkseid as a Superman villain

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