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how to be a true programmer:
1. buy everything apple
2. accept only node and npm, everything else is not progressive enough
3. make a simple project weigh 200MB due to npm_modules
4. never release for android, target only iOS 10
5. if you have to release for desktop, use only electron
6. always include the latest web technologies, like React, Redux, Angular2

Does anyone have any good book or resource recommendations on getting started with electronics? I would to learn how Arduinos work and understand some of the projects out there.

How is everyone? School was canceled so I got a nice break today.

"Go on, go on, O my soul, to affront and dishonour thyself! The time that remains to honour thyself will not be long. Short is the life of every man; and thine is almost spent; spent, not honouring thyself, but seeking thy happiness in the souls of other men." - Marcus Aurelius

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I 💕 free software. Do you, too? Take some time to thank the contributors of projects you enjoy using. #ilovefs

why are so many FOSS/FLOSS oriented sites so ugly?

For example, or

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actual piece of code i was messing with today:

fu! SplitSh()
if synIDattr(synID(line("."), col("."), 0), "name") !~? "string"
let last = @/
s /\s\+-/\r -/g
let @/ = last

god vimscript is ugly, but using vim's understanding of what a string is might actually not be a horrible solution

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Er, cool, I guess? I had a Twitter account for years before I actually started using it for #FOSS and #gamedev stuff.

Hope you gals and guys following me don't mind the many #GodotEngine and other #FOSS (re)tweets I do every day :)

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computer: update your computer!!!

me: ah fuck uhh ok

computer: im sorry you updated your computer too soon. there was a bug in the update

me: ah ahh oh no.. umm. i

computer: im sorry you updated your computer too late. now you have a computer virus on your computer

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Me, continuing to treat my body like shit: why won't my body stop being gross and bad??

You put your function name in quotes and pass the arguments as arguments to the call function, weird syntax.

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Sitting in my CIS class. What magical things well we learn about today?

I randomly clicked on answers on 7 questions on my CIS hw and got them right the first time. Wow.

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Me: Goddamn, why does my software suck? Why can't it just read and delete mail like a normal app? Why do I have to debug and fix basics still? Am I a terrible programmer?

Also me: OMG I can search half a million messages, find an important, personal message from 2002, and the latency on getting results back is mostly the network. I must be an awesome programmer!

Turns out, you can be both awesome and terrible at the same time.

You guys, we have to get Richard Stallman on here.

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