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I start my school class tomorrow, send help!

I've gotten too used to going to bed at 6am.

My just stopped working. I used a key shortcut to switch to a different tab, 5 seconds later I tried using another key combo and nothing. Wtf?

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everyone who uses computers should be burned at the stake for practicing witchcraft

Is there a way I can have a device automaticaly connect to my Raspberry Pi via bluetooth? I tried writing a script to control bluetoothctl and connect that way, but it fails as the commands aren't recognized through a script?

@Eldritch_Horrorgirl That's a nice profile picture! Is it Link?

I installed TrueOS (BSD) I think I'll stick my Linux Distros :)

I'm getting really tired of seeing wix ads when watching videos on Web Dev. Go away, I don't care.

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Someone leaked an .mbox file of the FreeBSD Code of Conduct discussion.

One interesting -- totally unrelated to #HugGate -- takeaway:

A *lot* of key FreeBSD people don't actually use FreeBSD. They email from MacOS X and Apple Mail.

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how to be a true programmer:
1. buy everything apple
2. accept only node and npm, everything else is not progressive enough
3. make a simple project weigh 200MB due to npm_modules
4. never release for android, target only iOS 10
5. if you have to release for desktop, use only electron
6. always include the latest web technologies, like React, Redux, Angular2

Does anyone have any good book or resource recommendations on getting started with electronics? I would to learn how Arduinos work and understand some of the projects out there.

How is everyone? School was canceled so I got a nice break today.

I actually like Mondays.

"Go on, go on, O my soul, to affront and dishonour thyself! The time that remains to honour thyself will not be long. Short is the life of every man; and thine is almost spent; spent, not honouring thyself, but seeking thy happiness in the souls of other men." - Marcus Aurelius

Who wants to be my valentine?