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*does 45 minutes of work in 4 hours* well, time to knock off early, I've earned it

So I was watching Naruto Shippuden, and the dub ends at 458. 😭

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Google files is the worst it keeps telling me to delete my memes

I am loving Steam's Proton. I picked up some Windows games via the Steam Sale and played them on Linux. :)

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I start my school class tomorrow, send help!

I've gotten too used to going to bed at 6am.

My just stopped working. I used a key shortcut to switch to a different tab, 5 seconds later I tried using another key combo and nothing. Wtf?

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everyone who uses computers should be burned at the stake for practicing witchcraft

Is there a way I can have a device automaticaly connect to my Raspberry Pi via bluetooth? I tried writing a script to control bluetoothctl and connect that way, but it fails as the commands aren't recognized through a script?

I installed TrueOS (BSD) I think I'll stick my Linux Distros :)

I'm getting really tired of seeing wix ads when watching videos on Web Dev. Go away, I don't care.

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Someone leaked an .mbox file of the FreeBSD Code of Conduct discussion.

One interesting -- totally unrelated to #HugGate -- takeaway:

A *lot* of key FreeBSD people don't actually use FreeBSD. They email from MacOS X and Apple Mail.

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