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one big run-on sentence #introductions 

Hello Sparkle peeble... belated post. Im gender-lost-and-confused, I dont post selfies cause im spookt


all things diy

goth stuff but itsa secret
writing angsty lyrics
sparkly things and a general aura of gay
coding/computer stuff but i sucketh

probably will move to an instance with better emojis soon, follow me back if you like grumpy nerds 🏳️‍🌈 🌻

peeps faving that i have no direction in life ha

but the concept of choosing what you'll do for the next 4 decades at 21 years old is pretty ewie nfakunvafuckcapitalismleiusbvgio aih

maybe i'll just noT pick one and keep taking random courses until i run out of time to start paying my loans lmao

‪When everything you do is tied to whether or not you’re worthy, productive and smart under abuse, even doing something as simple as turning in a resume is nerve-wracking. You’re just caught in a cycle of anxiety, and even well-meaning compliments build it, because you’ve experienced people taking it all back because of one thing many times before.‬

You only get a few moments of feeling accomplished for doing one thing. Then its back to the mental battlefield of despair and fear.

I did a little thread on the bird site about the currencies anarchist communes in the spanish revolution adopted (after they all tried coordinating without money and couldn't make it work).

It's a less known component of #anarchist history, and thought the fediverse should also see.

NZ terror attack

<<At a major security conference in February 2018, Aliya challenged the sector: if you can spend so much on surveilling our community, why can you not spend on preventative programmes?

Yesterday, the chair of the Islamic Women’s Council, Dr Maysoon Salamah, lost her son after hours of surgery. He was shot twice. Her husband was shot in the lower head and has had two surgeries. Her first words to Aliya Danzeisen were “They took my heart”. >>

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so how long until people start sharing tootshots on other websites

Spending the day at the DMV and I’ve learned that they are switching over to a new paperless system that is running on ChromeOS. So Google is getting its tentacles into government systems, in addition to education systems. They’re creating profiles of us as children and following our activities into adulthood.


I love moss so much I just want a great big house filled with it, I want to cry I love moss so much

This is a screenshot from early 2017 and it's a fucking wonder I didn't realize I was bi sooner

Hey, remember that Little Library project I've been working on? Well, it's up and functional right now to try out!

Feel free to contribute some #ebooks and check out what other people add! If you notice anything wrong with it, let me know or/and add a Github issue:

I'll get a domain for it someday probably, and maybe I'll even try to work on basic outgoing #ActivityPub support so you can follow added and removed books! But that's a project for another day.

OMg replies needa default to unlisted i"m soo bad at remembering

Reporting bugs is so satisfying. There should be highly satisfying comps of people reporting bugs.

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