Dammit, I went to the pool this morning. So why does my belly feel so big?

Better go again tomorrow.

Also, mmm, chocolate...

Our 3yo daughter just reminded her easily distracted, absent-minded parents that she needed her eye drops before bed.

First time! โค๏ธ

Won't be the last, that's for sure...

@hcs I never really did this as a conscious thing - but I was vaguely aware that saving money while young was a much more valuable exercise than saving when old, due to compounding of interest (whatever your investment vehicle).

I'm gonna pretend that's why I'm much less frugal now than I used to be. ๐Ÿ˜‰

@ghostdancer I suspect there already is, honestly. The consumer product is just publicity to get spooks and criminals everywhere to buy bulk packages.

I really don't understand why I'm not a multi-billionaire by now. ๐Ÿง

My New Startup: Asthmavape

Tired of being discriminated against? Tired of being sent outside to vape?

You need Asthmavape! Vape gear that looks exactly like a normal asthma inhaler!

And there's more! Combine Asthmavape with our special flatulence scented vape liquid, to guarantee even the most rabid anti-vape busybodies will leave you in peace.

@staticsafe @suetanvil As a long-time NoScript user... I find it's usually not annoying at all! Definitely LESS annoying than the crapweb.

The NoScript UI is pretty nice these days, and I've whitelisted all the stuff I interact with regularly.

It's really only pages where I'm buying stuff that become annoying, since they tend to add new dependencies at the last minute and that sometimes breaks things.

But of course YMMV. ๐Ÿ˜

My New Startup: Doxifake.tech

For only $19.99/month, we'll seed the Internet with plausible looking misinformation about where you live, what you do for a living, who you've shagged and what crimes you've been accused of.

Our SEO gurus will ensure our fake results always get more exposure than your real identity.

Beat the trolls at their own game.

Get Doxifake today.

This morning I decided to just manually upgrade an old server, rather than keep blocking upgrades while I solve more complex automation/Ansible issues.

Stop the bleeding, then upgrade the cybernetic implants...

Or, call it a live prototype. ๐Ÿ™„

So, has a Discourse forum now: community.mailpile.is/

Thanks @gwmngilfen for all the help!

Being new, it's of course completely empty.

Suggestions on things I could/should post to make it less empty are welcome. Posts by other people are also welcome.

I spent most of yesterday and today working on the bathroom of the apartment I want to sell.

The tub was really ugly, and the walls and window-frame were looking pretty sad too. Now everything has a fresh coat of paint and things that needed sealing are sealed.

A hundred bucks worth of materials and 2-3 days work to turn the apartment's biggest eye-sore into a major selling point...

I'm totally exhausted, but I think that was time well spent.

Today! Today I play landlord. And finally get the ball rolling on selling the place.

I'm very excitibored about it.

@sophia I think everyone in #InfoSec should also watch the video.

I mean, it's not 100% relevant to everyone there, but makes some great points and adds important context.

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