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Oops, I overslept.

I needed it after a long day yesterday... An awesome day, but long. Best get up and make my way to the summit for workshops.

In other news: damn my hotel is grim! Clean, but ugly as anything. I am not entirely sure I'm in a good part of town.

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My office now has an opened up hard drive as a decoration.

As I understand it, this is mandatory in all geek offices and I am relieved to finally comply.

I don't make the rules.

The frameputer is now hanging on the wall, instead of cluttering up my desk.

This slightly mitigates the obsessive urge to keep tinkering with it. The current to-do list is:

1. Add a power switch
2. Cut the cardboard to reveal more screen (maybe)
3. Unblock the camera
4. Software!

I might also add an RFID reader and a separate controller for the panel, so I can use it as a dumb monitor. Maybe...

Tonight's creation!

This one is for Iceland (and Europe).

The Mickey-mouse cable is also a U.S. socket. The little black adaptor will convert a small Euro socket into one that accepts large (grounded) Euro plugs, or U.S. plugs.

In my bag, everything plugs into everything else, to save space and make it easy to find.

Compared to previous cables, this one is simpler and more limited, but also much more compact, allowing me to include the USB charger just for fun.

I love watching the stacked connection count graphs, when a machine goes offline. This is happening a lot these days because of Meltdown and Spectre upgrades...

It's so cool to see how the connections just shift to other relays: Stripes disappear, others get fatter, the overall height of the graph stays roughly the same.

Having self-healing infrastructure really makes my life as overworked sysadmin easier.

I just want to say I think the new dekstop platform team is off to an awesome start.

It's fun and motivating to be working with people again!

The Mailpile debian nightly repo (see: will probably get a "mailpile-desktop" package later this month, so Lunix users can get a feel for what is in store for the Windows and Mac users...

Welp, I think I've got Mailpile validating TLS certs pretty well now!

The validation itself was of course the easy part. The hard part was creating a UI to cope and give the user control when validation fails.

My UI approach to "TLS security exceptions" is quite different from the normal browser experience. I'll need to get some usability testing done at some point, but this is definitely better than nothing. Pretty sure it has too many words.


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