Interesting times. I'm starting to see bits and pieces of Twitter-style spam on here.

Advocates for the federated model believe the improved moderator/user ratio will keep things from getting out of hand. I'm on the fence.

Until now, the lack of spam has been mostly a result of this being a niche, obscure, tiny part of the Internet. Spamming it wasn't worth the effort.

As the Fediverse grows, theories will be tested! Fingers crossed.

@HerraBRE I doubt anti-spam methods would scale if its left to instance maintainers alone. I think a distributed spam list with git-style contributor and a community similar to wikipedia might scale better!

@decoy Trying to create a list of all the spammers has never worked and will never work.

They create throw-away accounts, throw-away servers, use throw-away networks.

White-lists can work though. But that means the whole Fediverse would effectively be come invite-only.

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@HerraBRE okay, what about a web-of-trust where the whitelist goes two hops from your peers

@decoy Something like that might help.

But, uh, spam has been a problem for just about every single Internet service attempted since the 90s. We're not going to "solve" it in a couple of toots. It's actually a hard problem! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Time will tell how the Fediverse copes.

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