Someone should create a (dynamic) DNS provider (ideally a non-profit) whose only stated mission is to help people take ownership of their Fediverse, e-mail and XMPP identities.

If my identity were (a subdomain instead of user-@), I could move to another instance by requesting a DNS record change, and my social graph would remain intact.

A trustable social contract would be needed so I kept effective ownership of the subdomain; the non-profit would be responsible for that.

@herrabre @cwebber @jackyalcine I don't see that DNS identities buys anything over the cryptographic nomadic identities that #Zot has. Human-readable names, sure, but generally you still need to be told what someone's domain name is, and at that point you might just as well be told their ed25519 hash.

@clacke @cwebber What it buys you is that it can work today, with the software we are already using.

@herrabre @cwebber No, you would have to build support for it in Fediverse applications.
@herrabre @cwebber Hm. Ok, so what you're talking about is like CNAME multi-hosting at an instance that can handle that? Every user domain looks like a single-user instance with the usual AP/OStatus mechanisms?

That's an interesting idea.
@herrabre @cwebber The step before even getting that working is to even have export and import of user data working. I think none of GS/Masto/Pleroma can do that for an unprivileged user today. GS has import scripts that an admin can run, I believe.

@clacke @cwebber There is a chicken and egg problem here; supporting migration isn't considered important because migration is hard and the because the identity isn't portable anyway.

Making the identity part portable might help break that cycle.

Of course, there are also politics. People will sugar-coat it with talk about community and moderation, but the fact is a lot of people like the fact that user's cannot easily move from one instance to another.

That's a feature, if you like power.

@HerraBRE @clacke

> supporting migration isn't considered important because migration is hard and the because the identity isn't portable anyway.

Who said migration wasn't important? Is anyone claiming that?

Migration tools are some of the most commonly written tools written for the client-server APIs of fediverse servers..

@cwebber @clacke Hmm, here's today's take from a GNU social developer:

The Mastodon issue has been open for a year and a half. It's marked as high priority, but... oh well. I'm impatient.

I'm happy to see a comment there that they now consider this the highest priority issue. The issue was open for a full year before they made that choice, but I shouldn't be looking the gift horse in the mouth, should I?

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@HerraBRE @cwebber @clacke i am so confused how do you take a valuable feature and dismiss it as "individualistic" like all of my what.

@herrabre @clacke @cwebber Does functioning account migration exist in any federated system? There was some attempt in the !xmpp worldยน but very little interest has been shown in that work. Not sure if it's because people don't switch servers all that often or if it's easy enough to just re-add everyone you care about.

@zash @clacke @HerraBRE Hubzilla has a nomadic identity design, though ultimately it boils down to your public key fingerprint being your canonical identity.

@cwebber Yeah, and then the problem becomes one of key management, which is also a Hard problem.
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