So, I've been asked to come and present Mailpile at a privacy/blockchain-themed conference.

Pros: I like going to cons now and then. I like presenting my work. Since current work is funded by the Bitcoin lottery, we're quite on-topic. Interesting location.

Cons: Takes time, money. All male speaker list. Blockchain community is notoriously toxic, not sure I want to be affiliated with it TBH.

Maybe I should set aside my prejudice and just check it out? Or is that just enabling?

@HerraBRE perhaps ask the organizers about this, voice your concerns, and see how they react? Perhaps they react in a way that will make it clear you don't want to have anything to do with them; or perhaps they answer in a way that makes it feel much more okay to take part.


@rysiek Done, sent them an e-mail. Will see how they respond!

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