Hah, I just thought of a legit use for OMG BLOCKCHAIN.

I've idly wanted some sort of public timestamp assertion server for a while. Like tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3161 ... except I'd rather not rely on a trusted third party that might decide to just shut down at some point.

Piggy-backing on a Bitcoin-like blockchain (even Bitcoin itself) seems like a good solution.

I know Bitcoin transactions can carry comments, need to read up on whether they are covered by the transaction/block signature.

@HerraBRE isn't this what ethereum was designed to do with smart contracts?


@meredith_matthews Smart contracts are much, much broader. But I'm sure Ethereum can do this!

I just want a SHA256 hash timestamped in a way that is really hard to forge, and very likely to remain available long enough to satisfy legal accounting integrity requirements.

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@herrabre Pretty sure there's a way to store extradata (eg a hash) in almost any blochain transaction.
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