I have a weird (unofficial) role within the Icelandic Pirates.

My job is to never run for any office and not show up for most meetings. Thus remaining impartial, so when they need a techie who's not too involved, I'm available. Sometimes for hacking on code (the voting system or membership roster), but more often in an admin role.

This is how I find myself running a lot of the internal party elections.

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... tonight I was summoned to help with elections at probably the most dramatic meeting I've attended so far.

There were tears and harsh words. Grievances were aired. My poor friends... ๐Ÿ’”

I did my impartial duty, this time with Daughter in tow. Her first Pirate meeting!

So while my friends were being distraught and voting about difficult matters... I mostly just played with rubber ducks and was quietly happy and proud of my little girl who whispered and smiled the whole time.

Weirdly good.

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@HerraBRE I can't run for anything anyway. If you ever need a hand...

@tomasino Good to know!

Also, we still need to meet in person. Do you have anything resembling a schedule yet?

@HerraBRE still pretty flexible. I'm cranking out about 8hrs of code a day, but at random times. I can get away if there's a good break time for you. Coffee lunch?

@tomasino Oh, also! This is incorrect.

You could hold all sorts of positions within the Pirate org. It's only the government itself which has Rules that might exclude you.

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