FOSS meritocricy hot take 

Here's an interesting failure mode for FOSS/community software dev:

Over time, the most stubborn people who are good at ignoring criticism (e.g. by not listening at all), will end up running all the projects.

The folks who actually listen to their users get burned out by all the negativity...

The deciding fitness criteria over time is not skill or competence. It's obstinance. 馃槺

(I'm not talking about my users. I don't have enough users for this to be an issue yet. 馃槅)

FOSS meritocricy hot take 

@HerraBRE frankly this i is true for all people with any decision power in volunteer orgs.

There will be always people that will focus their energy to have some decision passed, and then let others to implement stuff.

We ll see how Python handles it, when BDFL stepped down.

FOSS meritocricy hot take 

@jacek I think the universe of software is particularly bad.

In part because people's asshole inhibitors seem to be weaker on the Internet.

But also because software scales like nothing else: a lone dev can, if he's lucky, reach millions of users.

The angry ones are more likely to be motivated to file bug reports. Dogpiling is almost inevitable.

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FOSS meritocricy hot take 


The scaling argument is strong. However there other factors that magnify the internal-bullying issue, one of them is when org is big enough to have internal politics.

The Internet really applies to many/most volunteering orgs, eg:

- Polish Scouting Association;
- Polish Together Party;

they also work on Internet, both spawned "internal" cliques that communicate via (mother of all evil) Facebook. Both had super-toxic forums.

FOSS meritocricy hot take 

@HerraBRE @jacek It's only inevitable if people don't put in the work. Have you seen the talk about how the Rust community was structured and cultivated?

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