Visited the blood bank today, to sign up and get checked for eligibility.

They told me my last visit was 2 months shy of 20 years ago. Age is weird, man.

Also, my blood pressure is high.

Am I now the middle aged white dude, who's reducing his coffee intake and going to the pool to try and get his numbers down?

Yes, yes I am. ๐Ÿ’‰

Hah. Turns out my blood pressure isn't high after all. I was just stressed out by doctors.

I took my blood pressure again at my parents' place yesterday, with daughter asleep on my chest... as relaxing a setting as you can imagine. My systolic pressure measured a full 20 points lower.

I took it again just now, same result - similar values to what they recorded 20 years ago when I last gave blood.

And my resting pulse is down to 60, which I take as a sign that the swimming works.

I'm fine. ๐Ÿ˜„

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Yeay ... but does this mean, no more swimming? No more nekkid shower-IT meetings?

@HerraBRE My doc always takes it 3 times - I have 'white coat syndrome' too. I stress a bit just at the thought of it.
At the chemist's in town or at home always gives a better initial number.

@gemlog @HerraBRE I got a bad combo. Machines read me higher than humans and I spike from doctor office stress. I had a reading over 400 last time before the doc had me at a minute and took it by hand. Then it was 112. :/

@tomasino @HerraBRE
Whoa. Obviously, 400 is a ridiculous pulse, but 112 isn't that great either :-(
I think we like those to be in the sixties or so resting...

@tomasino @HerraBRE Pretty sure we aren't using the same units then! :-)
In canada we measure bp in mmHg. Optimal bp in an adult is 120/80 where the upper number is systolic (heart is cramping to pump) and the lower number is diastolic (heart is relaxed).
My top score FTW was 254/143.
If either number was 400, or even approaching it, I'd be dead.
254 was actually 'mostly dead' :-)
Yes, I'll have fun storming the castle!

@gemlog @HerraBRE yep, same system. I was 112/79. The top number fluccuates more, apparently, but is less dire when high

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