If you were going to send a file, encrypted with a passphrase, to three users: one on a Mac, one on Linux and one on Windows... what would you use?

(For sake of argument, do not say PGP.)

@Keltounet Keybase was at least paying lip service to being PGP... and mostly I'm fishing for tools people to install (or have already), not services people can sign up for.

But I didn't specify that clearly, so thank you for your input. ๐Ÿ˜„

@HerraBRE not sure there is a simple answer to your question. There are tools floating around, either proprietary or open source that will do that, even cross-platform but things like key distribution & secure encryption are still hard things to tackle in all cases.

Interested in seeing a summary of your answers BTW (as we used to say on Usenet) :)

@Keltounet My tl;dr takeaway so far, is "centralized cloud services or 7zip, depending on which is a better fit."

Turns out 7zip LGPL'ed their core library, so they're widely supported and there are many implementations on all platforms.

And their crypto is, modulo implementation bugs, quite acceptable.

@HerraBRE @Keltounet bear in mind that they *had* nasty security bugs, that were fixed but not released for some time. Some antivirus software were vulnerable so this was kinda big news.

@jacek Thank you! I realized after posting that I should have just Googled... and did so.

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