If you were going to send a file, encrypted with a passphrase, to three users: one on a Mac, one on Linux and one on Windows... what would you use?

(For sake of argument, do not say PGP.)

How tragic is it that the LibreOffice and OpenDocument folks invented their own scheme for encrypting the contents of ZIP archives... instead of fixing the ZIP toolchain itself to support proper encryption.



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Oh good, my brief manic obsession with encryption file formats has passed.

I was totally reaching for the editor to teach both Python's zip module and the Info-zip code how to do AES encryption properly.

Which would like, totally be worth doing. But really I don't need another project.

Do you? It'd be awesome...

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@HerraBRE symmetric encryption is mostly easy in Python. There is lovely 'cryptography' module, with API that takes keys, some bytes ans encrypts them properly (works on bytes objects so in RAM I think)

Doing more complicated stuff is also more or less straightforward.

I tried doing this in C and C++, and it was awful (for different reasons though).

@jacek Yeah, I suspect the Python implementation would be pretty easy.

C is always trickier.

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