Polarisation is toxic.

Every time we force people to pick a side... they may not pick ours. Do it over and over and over again? The expected result is to push everyone away.

Making the world better needs to be an inclusive, forgiving project.

In my opinion, obviously.

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@HerraBRE I agree to some extend. however obviously, this can not be a general approach. If one has own values (which all of us do), there are limits to that in some cases.

discussion and disagreement is (also to some extend) important and healthy. Not everyone's opinion is compatible with anyone else.

@JayVii_de Disagreement is normal, and necessary.

You and I can well disagree passionately about (random example) religion.

I'm mostly saying that it would be unfortunate if that disagreement prevented us from working together on (random examples) recycling or software development.

This isn't a hypothetical problem, it's quite real. I see it in both activism and mainstream politics.

Orthodox catholic views inside 

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