I find it interesting that so many people assume that Zuckerberg is a autistic, and then that becomes a shield deployed against certain flavours of criticism against him.

Sorry guys, but the mental and emotional character of the owner and architect of the world's largest social network *does* matter.

But - I doubt Zuck is autistic.

I'd say he much better fits the profile of psychopath: FB grew because he gets normie emotions and social structures, and he's willing to ruthlessly exploit them.

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My completely unprofessional diagnosis is that the paradox of Zuckerberg is that he's actually a sociopath whose antisocial behavior in college when combined with a Silicon Valley culture which was already quite amoral happened to create the world's biggest social network site.

@bob This wasn't just dumb luck and coincidence. Far from it.

To underestimate the ruthless cleverness of how Mark and FB manipulate people would be a huge mistake. Not to mention the technical side, FB has been really, really well run from a tech POV.

There were many other well funded, equally questionable silicon valley social networks, both before and after, and they pretty much all failed where FB succeeded.

If you underestimate your enemy, you lose. We've been losing for quite a while.

@bob @HerraBRE hey, everybody.
please stop armchair diagnosing people, especially not famous public figures who you don't know very well on an personal level.
i know it can be tempting sometimes, but whatever stigma or "problem" you are attesting to this public figure over this diagnosis is also one you implicitly attest to our disabled/mentally ill/neurodiverse comrades. disabled/mentally ill/neurodiverse people are often demonized and casually characterized to be a danger to others; even though this may be true to some extent in certain cases, it is blown way out of proportion and has real-life consequences for disabled/mentally ill/neurodiverse people, and armchair diagnoses really add to/are part of that sentiment.
furthermore, it medicalises the problem (on no scientific basis) and attributes it to individual people, which makes a systematic critique (like whether individuals should even be allowed to hold this much power over huge social media networks) impossible/more difficult.

@anarchist_rabbit @HerraBRE The problems with Zuck and his business model are definitely not medical ones.

Also I think just personalizing the Facebook problem to whatever personality traits he may have is an inadequate frame, akin to the "few bad apples" idea. We don't need to replace Zuck with someone nicer running Facebook, but demolish the business model via antitrust or just render it obsolete.

@anarchist_rabbit @bob @HerraBRE I appreciate your vigilance against ableism, but speaking as a former therapist there is no evidence that sociopathy is a medical disease. It was given a set of diagnostic criteria so that it could be named and recognized in a medical context. There is no prevention or medical treatment for it.

Read the diagnostic criteria. It's the medical establishment's description of evil.

@HerraBRE i'd be careful with remote diagnosis, much more so without being a professional. Other than that I fully agree. The company (not necessarily him) does indeed understand emotions and social "triggers" and exploits it

@JayVii_de I mean, obviously, people should take all this with an appropriate amount of salt.

I'm not exactly in a position to prescribe medication for the dude.

@HerraBRE @JayVii_de sorry, i didn't mean to sound like i'd criticize you, there. After a second read, i feel like my comment could be interpreted as such :/

Anyways, where does that idea come from he'd be autistic? Can't ppl accept he can be evil for the sake of financial gain?

@JayVii_de No worries. ๐Ÿ˜

I assume the idea comes from his mannerisms and the way he behaves? Plus stereotypes. I dunno, but it's weirdly common.

@HerraBRE I have watched a good few interviews with the guy and he exhibits absolutely no behaviour consistent with autism from what I can see.

@HerraBRE I've wondered about this. I've heard it said that it's possible for people who are "on the spectrum" to learn how to read other humans "like most people learn how to play the piano", or "how to program". Could it be that learning social skills this ways leads to people who treat other people like computers, as something to be programmed for their own end? Not saying that Zucc is one of these, but I have met a couple of ppl who I can imagine went down a path like that.

@HerraBRE Ha, none of us on here are qualified to comment on any of this! Since when has that ever stopped anyone expressing an opinion on the internet!

I was trying to show that it's not binary. He could be autistic, but it manifests itself as behaviour that makes him look like a psychopath.

@HerraBRE Oh, and if it ever does turn out that he is autistic/a psychopath/whatever his board have a lot to answer for. The mental state and emotional character of the world's largest social network does matter, but if he is inappropriate for the job then it's their responsibility to remove him as much as it is his to have the self awareness to remove himself from the job.

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