@trini @HerraBRE yeah that would work, it would save me 5 minutes trying to submit my work upstream. I'll just keep using my fork of the project, whatever

@piggo @trini Telling people to not submit PRs is dumb.

It's better than wasting peoples' time, but it's still a really shit workaround.

The PR can be pulled from any git client and could easily be imported into their preferred repo. This could be automated.

If they've already got a bot that automatically comments and closes PRs, they've already done the hard parts, but they chose to be hostile and unhelpful instead of doing it properly.

(Or, nobody thought of doing what I just suggested.)

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@HerraBRE @trini I'm just thinking how much better KDE could've been if they tried to be less obnoxious

@piggo @trini That goes for a lot of FOSS, tbh. Turns out being nice and welcoming is work and requires people investing.

@piggo @trini @HerraBRE they're doing a lot of work to improve this, moving to Gitlab and making a better unified identity

@piggo @trini @HerraBRE I keep close attention to their moves as of late since all of their chatter moved from mailing lists to phabricator

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