admins: My Linux boxen have years of uptime! Linux is awesome! Take that Winblows!

me: Shit, that VPS in Australia has been up for over 3 years. I should reboot it to activate any kernel updates and verify actually boots up correctly.

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@HerraBRE Ooof, yeah. The servers I used to work with were up for years at a time, and surprise surprise, often failed to boot up when they actually did get rebooted.

@HerraBRE My best uptime on real iron was about 1,150 days or better and it was only ruined with a scheduled downtime to replace some power on my rack, which lasted only minutes and booked by me months in advance, but...
Nearly made me cry.

@gemlog @HerraBRE the Bitcoin blockchain runs for 10y nonstop which is 3650 days

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