Meanwhile Signal Android stopped working on my #Jolla. I can receive messages, I just can't send them. Yay.

There is Whisperfish for #SailfishOS:

...but the last release is from April, and it has the very same problem. -_-;

And moxie cannot be bothered to standardize the protocol, because "the ecosystem is moving". FML.

@rysiek Hypothesis: It's about control.

The reason Signal isn't federated, is because Moxie wants to be able to change the protocol at any time. He famously blogged as much.

Rapid client/protocol changes would also become effectively unmanageable if they had multiple binary desktop apps shipped through various channels not directly under their control.

When federation becomes a realistic option, client diversity probably will as well.

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@HerraBRE oh, that much is entirely clear to me. Thing is: federation will *never* become a realistic option, because moxie does not want that.

Signal would benefit from having unofficial clients, and one way of doing that would be versioning the protocol and saying: "hey we will support that version for X months". That would at least give client developers a timeframe to shoot for!

As it stands, it "you can't have the cookie and can't eat it either". No native clients, and no help for devs.

@rysiek No disagreement. Just venturing the hypothesis that it's the same underlying reason.

Because everything you just said would apply to federation as well.

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