Watched Fight Club (again).

Man that film is weird to watch in today's political climate. Very weird!

It all seemed so absurd and incredible when it was new. Now it feels uncomfortably plausible as all the wrong kinds of inspiration.

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@artieleach Well, I watched it. I kinda want most of those minutes of my life back! I never had much patience for that style of literary [over]analysis...

But thank you for sharing it! It was 100% relevant, and it touched on a lot of the things that now make me uncomfortable about the film.

As a tangential insight; Brad Pitt is very talented, but I'm noticing he has had a nasty habit of acting in (and lending his sexy charms to) films that glorify really ugly things.

@HerraBRE haha! yeah, i get what you mean. im subscribed to nerdwriter1 but sometimes i can't stand how he talks. such is life.

I never perceived its scenario absurd, because it shows you the allure of fascism so cleanly.

But it feels different now for shure, given reality's parody on the characters

@norwin When I first watched it, I mostly felt it spoke to the dangers of cults, authoritarianism and rampant cynicism/negativity. Today I also see the toxic masculinity more clearly too.

But fascism? Still don't see it.

Sure, it's related in that the film explores the same group of disenfranchised (mostly white) men that are the prime recruits for today's fascist groups.

But the film has nothing to say about nationalism or racism. It didn't predict or comment on those politics at all.

True, fascism isn't portrayed directly.
But the methods employed by Tyler are not just some kind of authoritarianism, they follow the same pattern used by any fascist regime.

Just because project mayhem is portrayed as a grassroots/bottom up movement, it's no less fascist.

And I think precisely this makes the movie still so relevant, as it reminds us how such a movement forms, and how great it looks at first

@HerraBRE reading your comment again, I think we talk about the same thing, but from the individuals perspective (dangers of cults, cynicism) or a systemic perspective (fascism as a result) :D

@norwin Yes absolutely! I think my only quibble, is that fascism isn't the only possible outcome.

Humanity has invented many different forms of oppressive systems, and they have different names.

We agree the outcome isn't going to be good though.

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