I'm realizing that there's a common misunderstanding regarding tech principles such as "Free Software" or "transparency" or "standards." Even democracy!

The point has never been that every single person should edit source code and submit FOIA requests, all while running for parliament...

Even if you never intend to do so any such things yourself, if you have the option, it means you (or your community) can, if necessary, recruit an expert who will.

Having such options matters a lot.


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Conversely, any stance where people are required to make use of these rights is wrong.

If you think people who don't write code don't benefit from access to Free Software, you've missed the point.

If your idea of tech privacy is radical transparency so every user can consent... then you've misunderstood what transparency is for.


I need to think about this more to see if I can explain it better. But I think there is a clear and common pattern here.

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The other problem is that we are the choir here on masto... ;-)

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it's always a problem that people extrapolate their view to a wider area. And that most people have a simple black/white view or judgement and don't understand that there are much more colours or views...

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