Oh, and in other news, apparently Iceland is now ruined and no longer the special wonderful place it used to be.

The real reason Iceland was a Better Country Than All Other Countries, is it had no mosquitoes.

It still doesn't...

But apparently now Iceland has biting midges, which are even more annoying (although less deadly, they don't spread Malaria).

We had a good run, but I guess we may as well just all move to Europe now.

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@LeoKnepper Not that I am aware of.

Being eaten by insects wasn't something I grew up worrying about.

@HerraBRE it wasnโ€™t exactly something I worries about, it was just part of being a kid for me. I donโ€™t recall worrying as much about ticks, but would always end up with mosquitoe bites.

@HerraBRE Malaria wasnโ€™t a thing to worry about. I donโ€™t think the mosquitoes we have in Pennsylvania carry it.

@LeoKnepper No, Malaria isn't nearly everywhere the mosquitoes are. But since I was hyperbolically suggesting an insect might be worse than mosquitoes, the qualifier about deadly diseases felt kinda important...

I don't actually know how obnoxious the midges are, its a new development that the news is reporting on this summer.

@HerraBRE ah good, I'll feel right at home if I come visit from here in Scotland :)

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