I've started wearing a red baseball cap. It's from my daughter's play-school and it makes the Italian sun more bearable.

The lettering is "La fattoria di Nonna Papera", which AFAICT, translates to "Grandma Duck's Farm."

It is not a MAGA cap.

How far gone are we into polarization of red baseball caps? Am I at risk of making the wrong friends, repelling people I'd rather attract? Am I accidentally supporting America's leader?

The more you over-think something, the more complicated it becomes!

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Honestly, I was more worried when I realized that Jake Applebaum and I had essentially the same hair-cut. ๐Ÿ˜ข

That was a while ago, but ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh.

@herrabre I think you're way overthinking it. I typically wear blue caps when I wear them (my favorite baseball teams, the Dodgers and Royals), but I have been known to wear red (my third favorite team, the Angels) or gray (has "Puerto Rico" emblem on it) as well. If someone mistakes your non-political headgear for a political statement, that's just their idiocy on display.

When you're afraid to wear a hat that promotes your child's preschool because people may see political implications, we've taken things way too far.

@lnxw48a1 You need to get pretty close to read the words.

I'd rather not let Bad People own all red hats... but it's not really up to me, or you. The red hat has, in some contexts, already become a short-hand for modern U.S. fascism.

But I'm in Italy, not the U.S. For two more days. And then I go to Iceland and leave the hat here.

This was mostly just idle speculation about how clothes are used to signal identity... and how easily those signals can be misinterpreted.

Ha! I was thinking about this same thing yesterday. Cause I was noticing that I pretty much side-eye any red caps I see in the wild. It's not fair, but it's become a thing.

@HerraBRE if anything, the acute observer of your Nonna Papera red cap will see it as a satire of Trump

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