Apparently some silly USians want to extend copyright again:

Repeating my Twitter reaction:

When will musicians realize that their biggest competitor is ALL THE PAST RECORDINGS EVER and revolt against this madness?

The Internet is not what makes music hard work. Never was! It's competing with Elvis & Mozart.

Demand the right to build on the past, not compete with it.

@HerraBRE I don't think any actual musicians support this, unless they're major artists hopelessly in the thrall of music industry propaganda.

@woozle I wish I could believe that. My conversations, even with enlightened geeky artists, suggest it's a very mixed bag.

My sentiment isn't about just opposing this particular overreach, it's about whether the creative types support copyright reform in general.

Many, possibly even most, do not.

@HerraBRE Well, I'll just say that *I* don't know any artists who support copyright extension.

@woozle And how many do you know who would go for your throat if you suggested the opposite - aggressive copyright reduction?

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I'll have to ask -- but I'd certainly be for it (speaking as a songwriter).

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