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one of the prime physical coefficients of this particular universe is that there's a 70% probability that if you randomly choose a music documentary, Henry Rollins will be part of it saying something utterly meaningless

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The second most stupid thing I ever did was try passing through all of Madrid's metro stations in a single day. when I finally gave up, it was after 3 re-surfacing for oxygen and coffee. eventually I bought myself a pencil case in their souvenir shop.

Just to put how stupid I am in perspective: I did all this at the age of 36, DURING MY HONEYMOON

US Dems & lefties: if Biden wins, will you vote...

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I'm in the market for amazing podcasts. Any topic, from engineering, to art, to social issues, to Solarpunk.
Suggestions welcome!

#podcast #podcasts #podcasting

@inthesedeserts glad to find you here as well, as i deleted my birdsite profile. wanted to tell you that i lolve your work. yesterday i started reading In These Deserts. it's written well and reminds me of my military and reserve service.
I discovered in 2018 and signed to its Patreon. keep up the good work !

אנשים שמפרסמים תמונה של אוכל לא בשרי תחת cw

A Vintage Grand Piano Gets Reengineered to Play 20 Different Instruments with a Push of Its Keys

michael jackson died while my wife was in labour, so it only seemed right to name my firstborn after him. and so it was on June 25th 2009 that my beautiful baby Corpse was brought into the world,

Hi all, i'm aRubes and i'm interested in all things #falafel and #sabih related. examples: falafel - mixing garlic sauce with #Amba - good or bad ? Sabih: does it exist outside Gush Dan ?
Both - is without #hummus the way to go ? And so on.
Send me #recipes and #falafelfacts
#gofalafel #ambaismylife #kingOved #boreddad

hey if you ever need to compare online courses (mostly computer stuff but not limited to it)...

if you ever need discouragement for having a child while doing your M.Sc., come to me

how faked myths about leaders are born in "respectable" media 

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