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one of the prime physical coefficients of this particular universe is that there's a 70% probability that if you randomly choose a music documentary, Henry Rollins will be part of it saying something utterly meaningless

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The second most stupid thing I ever did was try passing through all of Madrid's metro stations in a single day. when I finally gave up, it was after 3 re-surfacing for oxygen and coffee. eventually I bought myself a pencil case in their souvenir shop.

Just to put how stupid I am in perspective: I did all this at the age of 36, DURING MY HONEYMOON

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US #Bernie supporters, do you know of any way in which I can legally contribute to his efforts ? As a non citizen i can not contribute to a campaign directly obviously, but is there an organization that promotes him that does not count for this purpose ?

Why aren't there real competitors to Swatch ? How come they are the only company with watches that don't look like turd ?

US Dems & lefties: if Biden wins, will you vote...

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I'm in the market for amazing podcasts. Any topic, from engineering, to art, to social issues, to Solarpunk.
Suggestions welcome!

#podcast #podcasts #podcasting

@inthesedeserts glad to find you here as well, as i deleted my birdsite profile. wanted to tell you that i lolve your work. yesterday i started reading In These Deserts. it's written well and reminds me of my military and reserve service.
I discovered in 2018 and signed to its Patreon. keep up the good work !

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A Vintage Grand Piano Gets Reengineered to Play 20 Different Instruments with a Push of Its Keys

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