Built a raw coal to coal (60in/90ish out) factory in Factorio today.

Just did a phone call in five minutes that I've been putting off for like three years.

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Freenode, personal experience +/- 

The Freenode implosion made me think of the years I spent there. I helped a lot of people, many ungrateful and more angry at me than any customer in my half a decade in retail. I remember also drama with a channel owner who wouldn't moderate a channel leading to duplicate channels with different rules on moderation. I remember meeting a lot of awesome people, many I still follow on birdsite.

Why isn't compulsory military service considered a form of slavery; if not psychological torture if you're forced to murder.

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Reminder, 13th amendment, ACAB 

The US still has legal slave labor in the form of the prison industrial complex.

Slavery is allowed as "punishment for a crime".

The title of "slave catcher" still applies to current, modern day police!

Their job to catch slaves has never changed since the inception of policing.

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imagine if there was a feminist movement against human trafficking that centered the rights, agency, and well-being of domestic and agricultural laborers, instead of a feminist movement for increased criminalization of sex work (which, of course, makes sex workers more vulnerable to being trafficked because it's more dangerous to operate openly) under the guise of concern for the victims of human trafficking. wouldn't that be something?

I wonder how many people realize that the US federal government could make the usage of bitcoin illegal?

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Calling smartphone equipped teenagers 'digital natives' is a mistake because a smartphone makes you a consumer rather than a native of anything.

If you want a child to become a digital native give them an actual computer instead of a corporate controlled and curated consumer device.

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Yes it's true. After 2008 the bankers just got away with it. And earlier than that Blair and Dubya just got away with it. Now they live lives of luxury, and some historians are busy rose-tinting their biographies as “not so bad”.

In general, people in power just get away with whatever atrocity - even if that means millions of deaths. It's why the overall structure of society needs to change so that there are no longer these quasi-feudal dynasties extracting value from the rest of the population.

That isn't necessarily as hard a task as it may sound. The power of kings, presidents and bankers is more fragile than it appears. They need continuous propaganda and extensive surveillance to shore up their positions, mediated through a functioning bureaucracy. If any of those pillars crumble, so too does their power.

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I've watched the first two episodes of "The Queen's Gambit", so I'm a bit of a chess expert myself.

Proud of the absurd number of ways I'm pathing to an enum's variants in this minimal example: github.com/rust-analyzer/rust-

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You could even hold old versions of functions and expressions in the database.

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Still thinking lala about programming languages. Why do we store them as plain text and not in a database?

I, uh, want to design a programming language. But the features I want aren't the usual features people think of. Things like library versioning being a part of the library, signed libraries, no standard syntax (so you need a special program to actually edit libraries and binaries), and other oddities.

The "global" keyword introduces a storage location that is shared across all instances of this library across the globe.

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