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We just got back from saying our final goodbyes to the squackliest fruit bat there ever was. There's a cat-shaped hole in our lives.

It's National Drive 10 MPH Under The Limit In The Middle Lane Day, everybody!

How have I not known before that you can track China Post packages using the USPS website?

Scratch that. I turned in my 9th project of 14 tonight. I've got less than one thing to make per week left. We'll see if I finish one tomorrow night.

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We're a week and a half into an 8 week class. I've got half the projects done. I might have some free time at the end of the semester.

These Charmin ads turned into hardcore porn so gradually I didn't even notice.

I should really remove the addresses on the to: line of this email so I don't accidentally send it to these assholes.

It's fun starting the work day knowing that tonight Gwen and I are going to have to have a hard conversation about Leeko tonight. Love it.

I got to school last night and found my chosen lathe was torn apart for maintenance. It was OK, though, the one right next to it actually has a working light on it.

Also, I bought something for school and my wonderful mail carrier scanned it as delivered, but it isn't here. It's a toss-up on if they delivered it somewhere else or just lost it.

I'm now getting the effects of having lost my entire cup of coffee this morning and not being able to replace it. It kicked in while I was stuck in traffic on my way home from a pain in the ass delivery.

Got a cardboard cut on my left index finger this morning. Typing is difficult. If I don't make it, tell my wife I love her.

The truck finally showed up 90 minutes late.

They couldn't find our stuff on the truck. I thought the nightmare would be over once they got here.

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Believe it or not, I've been dealing with tracking *worse* than USPS lately.

Today is 17 years married to my favorite nutjob.

(selfie, eye contact) 

I looked in the mirror at work and actually felt pretty good about how I looked. Then I took a picture and something seems a little off. It's like hearing your voice on a recording.

Pet health (-) 

The current status is that we've been giving Leeko subcutaneous fluids for the past week. She seems more like herself and her fur is softer and glossier than it was before we brought her in.

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Last night I finished the second part in the machine shop for a class that doesn't start for a week and a half. It wasn't until now that I realized the instructor can't even grade it yet.

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