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@ttscoff Having taken German in high school, I always thought it was funny when they'd take leave on Risa. It's pronounced the same way as the German word for travel.

@ttscoff Although mine can only be caused *and* solved by double digit positive temps.

@ttscoff My problem is I need to work on diagnosing a no-start issue with my car that only happens below about 10 degrees. So the weather has both been good and bad for me.

@ttscoff It's a sad commentary on the state of our educational system

@ttscoff The Powerhouse of the Cell.

(Where the hell is everybody else on this?)

@ttscoff Phantom power doesn't do anything for dynamic mics, so that's not helping you without something like a Cloudlifter or Fethead.

Native Instruments doesn't seem to list the gain of their preamps, so I'm guessing it's less than the 60dB of a 286s or my Firepod. I tried my setup without the Cloudlifter and it's quieter than I'd like with the gain maxed out. Assuming your device has lower gain and given your mic is less sensitive than mine, you probably need a Cloudlifter.

@ttscoff That said, the Procaster says it does 55dB gain on the preamps, which is less than what my interface does, and I use a Cloudlifter on my PR40, so I might be talking out of my ass.

@ttscoff The specs I'm seeing have the sensitivity between the PR40 and SM7B. I'd wager it would need either a Cloudlifter/Fethead or a preamp with a lot of gain like a DBX 286S.

@ttscoff Gwen found a card with "Instructions on folding your cat for storage," but of course I can't find it now when I really need it.

@sanspoint I'm still a little sleepy and thought "Otara Millionaires... Dlub?"

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