@ttscoff I seriously can't keep up with this shit anymore.

@ttscoff Well, yes, you'd wanna avoid a hate crime if you could.

@ttscoff (I can't say the one they use in Letterkenny)

@ttscoff What do you have against Full Blooded Italians?

@sanspoint As is Dick Trickle Jr. It's really the Jr that makes it for me.

@ichris I prefer people talking like people. When editing TWNA, I'd tighten it up a bit if a pause was going on a little long, but I'd never actually remove enough that you couldn't tell there was dead air, and never if somebody was just in the middle of a thought.

@sanspoint That's Molly, she does not prefer to be photographed.

apple, iphones, money 

@ttscoff I honestly can't tell if that's a yes or a no.

@ttscoff did you only used it when she couldn't find it?

First day at a new job and I didn't die. Maybe it'll happen tomorrow. I should probably worry about it every day for the rest of my life.

@sanspoint I found that on DVD in Seattle years ago. The commentary is worth it.

Thank you, Mastodon, for not jumping on the stupid shit that trends on Twitter.

@ttscoff Is that one on the left actually inflated or is it just the way the adhesive pulled it apart when you removed it?

@ttscoff Obviously you've stumbled upon the fountain of youth if you didn't feel a snap at midnight.

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