This look screams "biker at a light" but she's lying on her back and she's the one rumbling.

We just got back from saying our final goodbyes to the squackliest fruit bat there ever was. There's a cat-shaped hole in our lives.

(selfie, eye contact) 

I looked in the mirror at work and actually felt pretty good about how I looked. Then I took a picture and something seems a little off. It's like hearing your voice on a recording.

Sixteen and one half hours. This is definitely why I pay for this service.

I'd like to think they're being sweet, but this is the warmest room in the house.

Yup, those highs and lows all make sense in that order.

My school is using this picture on the front page of their website. Is this kid Bluto's grandson or something? I mean, I've got a shirt that says "COLLEGE" on it as a joke, but I wouldn't wear it in a stock photo.

Sometimes it feels like street view is messing with me. I was trying to figure out why somebody was talking about something being at skyway level when there weren't any buildings tall enough for a skyway. Then I moved the view about 100 feet and a building appeared.

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