@argylewerewolf I forgot to tell you, apparently all the Tim Horton's locations in Minnesota closed.

@Haroldina praise! I’m gonna be driving though there in like a week and I’m gonna be looking for those shuttered storefronts

@Haroldina I think we pass right through there! Not sure of the exact route, but we’ll be going from Chicago to Vancouver, and I know we go through that area.

@argylewerewolf It looks like going south and then through South Dakota is fewer miles, but roughly the same amount of time as coming through my metro area. Google Maps routes you around St Paul proper on 694, but you could also take 94 and be within 2 miles of my house without adding much in the way of mileage.

@Haroldina we’ll be going through ND for sure! I don’t know what our itinerary is but if we have the time it would be cool to say hi and get lunch or something!

@Haroldina we’re in Wisconsin Dells right now and we gotta get to Fargo tonight for our hotel reservation, so we gotta cruise right through, sorry!

@argylewerewolf Looks like we're going to pass each other on 94 somewhere West of Eau Claire.

@Haroldina ha ha I saw this when we were maybe 45 minutes of Eau Claire, Friday afternoon! I’m sure we did pass each other!

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