First day at a new job and I didn't die. Maybe it'll happen tomorrow. I should probably worry about it every day for the rest of my life.

Thank you, Mastodon, for not jumping on the stupid shit that trends on Twitter.

Whelp, it's green outside. It's been nice knowing you.

It feels really weird not needing to go to class right now.

@argylewerewolf I forgot to tell you, apparently all the Tim Horton's locations in Minnesota closed.

Arhythmic hold music that sounds like it's from an FMV video game from the early '90s is only improved by lots of static, let me tell you.

I've got a Theseus's Magnetic Lamp situation going on over here.

Molly has learned to climb the clothing in the closet, but not how to get back down from the top shelf. This is going to be an interesting night.

It's official, disassembling a washing machine sucks.

I think Molly is warming up to Roy a bit. He's still scared of her, but she flopped over on her side with him only about a foot away and was meowing instead of grumbling this morning.

I got yelled at today for trying to put a small cat back on the floor. By the small cat.

She also does a great job lying on the bed and leaning against both of us at the same time.

The plan was to keep Molly sequestered for at least a few more days, but she managed to break out yesterday.

Roy seems to be afraid of her.

This look screams "biker at a light" but she's lying on her back and she's the one rumbling.

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