I just found and joined the Mastadon wave 🌊 (is it a wave? not sure what to call it), regardless -- Hi πŸ‘‹ !

Any for finding people to follow?

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@FrozenError Trunk is a good place to start. It's a bunch of users sorted by interest or area of expertise.

@FrozenError Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay! Are you riding any wave in particular, or just testing the waters out?

@cj Trying to find the waves. 😎

Any suggestions?

@FrozenError Depends what you are into. I will skip the divisive personalities and say I like following @kensanata (communitywiki creator), @stolas (we played factorio together once lol), @cwebber (helped write ActivityPub spec). But my feed is tailored towards those that discuss ActivityPub in general.

@FrozenError Welcome! As already said, Trunk is a good start. And using/looking for the hashtag you like is useful too!

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