so how is everyone, did the fediverse fix itself yet

my new gf is following me on all my socials at this point and now i don't know where to vent myself so here we are L O L

Proud to say that today marks one year of staying self-harm free.

i swear if i have to hear "yeah!" by usher one more time this week i will rewind it back up my a s s

one of my most favorite things about being a wedding DJ is the amount of throwback songs people request and you get to hear.

one of my least favorite things about being a wedding DJ is the amount of throwback songs people request and you get to hear.

someone gave me my first non-5-star Uber Driver rating today but the same person also gave me a $5 tip??????

finally leaving the shithole that is finsta for a while. it is worse than you think it is. trust me.

unfollowed the WR bot and it's like i just got cataracts removed 'r something

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i always thought instagram was always the go-to app for when you randomly wake up in the middle of the night.

and then mastadon basically came in and said "NAH MAN" but i am so okay with it.

i hate depression. i don't hate having it (i've come to terms with that) but i hate how it has almost become a fad. pissy and whiney upper-middle class white bitches who "had two bad days in a row" and all of a sudden they feel a need a need to be jacked up on prozac and call themselves "crippled". it is insulting to people such as myself who have dealt with it for decades and have actually gone to the hospital for the shit.

if people start doing the same for PTSD oh i swear to HELL

y'all remember when katy perry was likeable.

@q_lum so i lowkey creeped through your discourse banter and i'm like out of the loop, where do i begin to get educated on whats happening

are protests a meme yet. and if they aren't, can they please be one.

maybe i should start doing something about that culture instead of pissing about it on mastodon, whoopsies

i've had a finsta for maybe five months now and honestly now that mastadon is a thing i really really get off of that finsta shit.

maybe it's just the people i follow, but it seems like the entire point of finstas is to perpetuate a culture of embrassing your i ner shittiness and for whatever reason being okay with it. no. no no no no no. the idea that trying to convert bad behaviors in acceptable habits is toxic as shit.

also it's becoming annoying as af LUL

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