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Minimalist running shoes are a way for shoe companies to sell you a product with less material and if they hurt your feet it's because you're running wrong.

Activists have to be careful at this stage, because the uprising against authoritarian US state violence and systemic racism reached the mainstream, which means huge corporations are now trying to co-opt the movement and push PR.

But these capitalists are part of the same system
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Jamie Dimon kneeling in front of a giant bank vault on @CNBC is beyond parody




Stupid electrum is hard to install from source, especially when you dont like reading the readme.

If oil price is negative it's profitable to dump in the ocean!

Megacorps will not allow police violence to continue because they cant allow anyone except their corporate-legislative-media complex to be the ones abusing people.

Easy way to get rich

1) go for a walk
2) record it
3) police shoot out your eye
4) sue gubmint
5) retire on the backs of taxpayers

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Next time someone pisses me off im going to citizens arrest them and they will resists arrest and I will be forced to shoot them to defend myself.

And Jesus spake unto them, saying "Fuck the weak. I have a strong immune system." And he went into the market to conduct his important business.

If governments invent money out of thin air, why the hell are there taxes?

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a good fridge that's no more than $50000? Primarily for storing icecream.

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