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Good thing covid is fake, or if it wasn't, trump did a good job, or if he didnt he had a propaganda news station, or if he didn't there was rampant voter suppression, or he might lose the election.

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Megacorps will not allow police violence to continue because they cant allow anyone except their corporate-legislative-media complex to be the ones abusing people.

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Covid-19 mortality rate 7% in Italy. 10% require ICU care. Permanent damage to lungs after infection. Long term damage to immune system is possible. Damage to kidney, liver, and brain is possible. Reinfection is possible after the initial infection.

If you are using Bitcoin Core: there is a survey by @achow101(Core dev) on its usage as node and as a wallet. Can be done over Tor. There's a description about the purpose of that survey, reasoning why particular questions were chosen etc.

Bitcoin is not part of Crypto
Altcoin is a valid term
PoW is good for the environment
Eth is not sufficiently decentralized
PoS is elitist and doesn't work
Craig Wright is not Satoshi
Epstein didn’t kill himself
Pineapple on pizza is sometimes okay
None of us owns enough #bitcoin

There seems to be some current discussion of bitcoin's energy usage, which leads me to shamelessly re-plug my recent blog post about proof of work:


yay, we are up to four nodes now testing the bitcoin p2p network as i2p services: build and run

running a bitcoin node on I2P (using, in case anyone wants to test:


If you're an Android user, I recommend installing F-Droid so you don't depend on Google Play.

Goldman Sachs entering the Bitcoin custody game really does confirm that Bitcoin is money for criminals.

Report: Monsanto paid Google to bury unfavorable news" class="next-head

Monsanto had a spreadsheet of 23 specific steps it was taking to spin the news cycle in a more favorable direction." class="next-head

What can we do to increase PayJoin adoption? This is one great privacy tech that will be very important for helping bitcoin fulfil its potential as a permissionless money for the internet

Bitcoin credit card > strike > lightning node > exchange > BTC to cash > pay credit card > repeat

2.9% profit and infinite money. What am I missing?

How do you expect me to provide for my family and put bitcoin on the table.

#Piracetam is a legal #nootropic in America, and could possibly help treat #COVID19 [1], but the @US_FDA banned it for no reason.

They want you dumb and sick.

Earned a cool $0.00000375 in routing fees on my lightning node today.


You're cool. Don't show up to Congress tomorrow.

bitcoin price 

With both USD and BTC going down, there is only one safe haven. Doge.


We need more funding for the police to deal with these antifa

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