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Covid-19 mortality rate 7% in Italy. 10% require ICU care. Permanent damage to lungs after infection. Long term damage to immune system is possible. Damage to kidney, liver, and brain is possible. Reinfection is possible after the initial infection.

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Bernie surges in the polls. Prepare for parade of lies about him on MSM until super Tuesday.

Next time someone pisses me off im going to citizens arrest them and they will resists arrest and I will be forced to shoot them to defend myself.

And Jesus spake unto them, saying "Fuck the weak. I have a strong immune system." And he went into the market to conduct his important business.

If governments invent money out of thin air, why the hell are there taxes?

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a good fridge that's no more than $50000? Primarily for storing icecream.

This is the Official Office of Billing letting you know that you have an overdue bill for $1200 which happens to be the exact amount of your government check and in order to avoid having this sent to collections please send us all money immediately.

What happened to all the puppies that were in pet stores


Ma coloc et moi sommes ravies de vous présenter un extrait de notre balconfinement. À defaut d'avoir nos cours au on fait un mini-concert aux voisins...


Couldn't resist the temptation to add a sound effects track to these kitties... #dit #dah

I'd like to congratulate president Trump for his re-election victory.

RT Rose McGowan was right.


Tara is on Fox News! The whole nation now knows about Biden’s history.

Biden is done!

Bernie fam, get your gears, we have serious campaign work to do for November!




Empty hotels should be housing the homeless.

Empty airlines should be transporting supplies.

Empty restaurants should be feeding the hungry (via delivery).

And the 2 trillion given to banks and corporations should be paying for it.


pee and poo 

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