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Tesla makes vehicle routine service and maintenance easy by bringing the repair shop to you. Unless you choose to roll into a service center. Up to you🚘🚗

Windows: you don't have access to that folder
User: but it's my computer?

User: reboot, computer
Windows: reboot denied. You have 32 instances of ms paint open and you must close each one individually.

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Show Thirty Four
Freedom Decrypted is a weekly tech show with a freedom slant. Topics: A glitch is breaking all Firefox extensions :: Law enforcement seizes dark web market :: Labels Argue We Don't Have to Travel to Russia to Sue Stream-Rippers :: Apple Is Telling Lawmakers People Will Hurt Themselves if They Try to Fix iPhones :: Google says it's reviewed over 1M suspected terrorist videos :: New "Small Claims" Bill Welcomed by Rightsholders, Feared by Copyright Troll Fighters :: Faceboo

I just learned about a new service manager for linux called systemd and it is so easy to use compared to writing /etc/init.d scripts. My life will be a lot easier now.


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I don't plan on moving my digital services anytime soon, but if I was, I would consider supporting Librem.One. I want them to succeed sooooo much.

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.@facebook is digital mind cancer


"Facebook has begun rating posts "FALSE" - such as a post saying cannabis has health benefits. [..]"

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Google walkout organizers say they're being retaliated against for demanding ethical standards — Cory Doctorow

28c3 - The coming war on general computation - Cory Doctorow

Talk at 28c3 with long (and interesting) q&a session

I wonder how I can change my IP address (intellectual property address).

My operating system is internet explorer.

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SpaceX nails a first. Today’s Falcon Heavy Arabsat 6A satellite mission. An absolute success. Side & center core boosters ALL return to earth safely for 1st ever triple simultaneous landing. Core a few minutes after the side boosters touches down on ‘Of Course I Still Love You’ drone-ship. Awesome😁

Having trouble finding a printer that works with linux? I got mine from

They also have other good hardware, and take bitcoin.

IT job description translations...

Full stack: we cant afford to hire more than one developer

Follow policies and procedures: spend most of your time on paperwork

Governance: innovation not allowed

Lead troubleshooting efforts: no one is fixing our issues, guess who gets to fix them

High availability 24/7: expect calls at 3am

Windows server: let's put the logoff button right next to the physical shutdown button. 2 pixels distance? sounds good.

GNU/Linux server: you want to edit a config file? Here is vi, should be all you need.

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"We found that at least 61 percent of apps we tested automatically transfer data to Facebook the moment a user opens the app. This happens whether people have a Facebook account or not, or whether they are logged into Facebook or not."


Investigating Apps interactions with Facebook on Android | Privacy International

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It's hard to know where to start on describing on how terrible television is, sometimes, but when we have commercials funded by the taxpayers of alberta to promote building pipelines across canada *on the fucking CBC*, a pipeline that can only have one consequence: more CO2 emissions as more fossil fuels is burned, and more catastrophic global climate change...and to top it off, and put the cherry on top:

We can't respond to this in a way that will be seen on that medium.

It is infuriating


Is there any reason not to use a VPN service in all cases (where already available and presumable not sketchy)?

You know when you meet someone who really impresses you. You are inspired by their wisdom and humility. What a great person.

Conversely, that person who just inspired you is thinking, "oh wow these people are idiots."

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