YouTube Studio Audio Library seems is a good way to find good music, the only issue is that you can't sort favorited music with playlists.

I really don't know what does the "privacy-focused" mean if they think users shouldn't have the right to not send these optional data.

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A so-called "privacy-focused" analytics service is trying to circumvent content blocking by using proxy with common path name:

so private,
much respect,

Can some developers STOP NAMING ANY WebView based thingy as browser???

@PeterCxy Why don't just use a FIDO security key (there are already many good well-known open source implementations)? it would be much easier for manage and login to your accounts.

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Apparently Purism enjoys trying out new stuff. Not that I mind, but we've been monitoring their "" services for a few months now. It seems that the software behind this SaaS offer is rather unmaintained.

Their Mastodon fork hasn't seen a commit in almost(?) a year, and their synapse server is stuck on 1.23.1, which has at least 4 known CVEs.

At least their VPN seems to get some updates from time to time.

#purism #libremone

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would you watch a weekly live stream where i just ramble with friends / guests about current topics, politics, bad memes, tech, privacy and etc?

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use your skills to work towards a better world, everyone can do something, everyone should do something, that's how we win. 可能是我見過最糟糕的 API…他們到底是怎樣才能把自己的 API 寫到比用來託管檔案的 GitHub 的 API 還要爛???

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OVH hubiC 在關閉新使用者註冊和付費服務三年後居然還能正常使用?!

能讓一個 WebKit wrapper 蒐集這麼多資訊,Google 也是真的不容易🙃


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tillie psa 

assume all past communication with me to have been compromised. i have lost all my past accounts except for my fedi accounts, assume all communication from old accounts isn't me unless you can properly verify otherwise.

do not talk to me about any illegal activities or crimes. i do not plan on doing anything illegal for the near future.

i can be reached here:
@ nyanycrimew on telegram

you can ask me for signal.

if you're unsure about the legitimacy of this statement there are multiple people who can vouch for me, and i can also verify my identity to you personally if required.

@anecdote 沒有,如果不使用 WebUSB 只能下載二進制檔案離開瀏覽器繼續操作
但是在 Reddit 上還真的有一些 Firefox 使用者認同這個理由。並且,當有良好的授權程序的 API 都能被視為「不安全」的時候,桌面 OS 對 USB 裝置毫無限制的存取問題豈不是更大?

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翻查 WebUSB 相關資料時發現 Firefox 拒絕實作 WebUSB 的理由居然是 安全性。然而在 Chromium 上存取 USB 裝置均需要使用者手動授權,所以即使真的有惡意網站試圖利用這一點,也不過是是否需要引導使用者下載另一個軟體的區別,這個理由不免太無厘頭了一點。

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