If the rule limit increases to 1000000 or higher, with better alternative for permission <all_urls> provided, the MV3 saga could possibly ended.

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So, content blocking on Manifest V3 still works and the 30k rules limit are now gone.
However, this is still concerning low, with Chinese+English filters enabled, the rule number adds up to 92801, and the limit is 330000. it also doesn't improve security well, permission <all_urls> is still required.

I migrated all Cloudflare Workers to serverless platforms that don't do vendor lock-in, you should probably do the same!

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It's really funny to see Cloudflare providing a serverless platform with heavy vendor lock-in while having this post on Startpage as the #1 result when searching "vendor lock-in".

Tornado Cash (and other anonymous coins) are critical piece of technology to bring anonymity to the online world.


Although I'm still disappointed that Sweden is joining NATO, if Sweden can somehow still maintain its support for Kurds and Palestinians (and reform NATO to a pure defense alliance), it would be a great contribution for the world.

@akinokaede Actually it's more complicated, on Microsoft documentation it says that WinPS is built upon .NET 4.5,
but by installing .NET 3.5 package it does fix the missing DLL error, and it still works when I uninstalled .NET 3.5 package after I saw your tweet……

I literally reinstalled the OS after a failed fix attempt with dism and sfc and thought it maybe caused by my after-update cleanup process, and it happened again after the update is installed

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The description of the issue on Microsoft website is also very vague, who the hell would know that these programs are still using .NET 3.5???


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Modern Windows software quality is going straight to hell, last month Microsoft pushed an update that destroys Safe Mode, current month Microsoft pushed an update that destroys Hyper-V Manager, Windows PowerShell and many more things

OneNote Web would send encryption password to OneNote server to decrypt encrypted notes, but OneNote Android and OneNote Windows all decrypt notes on client side :eo_thinking:

itch.io is good as long as you don't discover their terrible technical design :)


The US government's attempt to use seized assets from Russian oligarchies are extremely inappropriate. although part of these assets can be given to Ukraine after the war to rebuild their country, it should be ensured that most of these assets will be returned to Russian people.
These assets are essentially stolen by Russian oligarchies from Russian people, it's not their money.

GitHub added private profile feature! the the biggest issue let me not want to use GitHub is finally solved.


I can think it's understandable for small independent media organizations to add paywalls, but WaPo is literally sponsored by Jeff Bezos and posts pro-billionaires Opinions regularly, why can they just ask JB to give them more money???

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What hell is Google doing?

There is literally 0 reference on material.io about Material Design 2, but there is a standalone m3.material.io talking about Material Design 3 which is really difficult to make it beautiful on web due to missing of the dynamic color engine…
So, to create a Material Design 2 website, I need to open Gmail and copy its design, and Gmail's css/html compression made it really annoying to get the colors/spacing etc. right.

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