It's really funny to see Cloudflare providing a serverless platform with heavy vendor lock-in while having this post on Startpage as the #1 result when searching "vendor lock-in".

OneNote Web would send encryption password to OneNote server to decrypt encrypted notes, but OneNote Android and OneNote Windows all decrypt notes on client side :eo_thinking:

It's so exciting for push notifications support on a Mastodon client until…you can't get it!

via @apps

I'm now forbidden to get my Twitter data archive because I don't have a linked phone number in that account.

能讓一個 WebKit wrapper 蒐集這麼多資訊,Google 也是真的不容易🙃


Tusky 的配色好奇怪…為什麼是白色標題列配淺灰色主介面


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