Trying to migrate some resource heavy serverless scripts to AWS after the free bandwidth quota increase, but find out the documentation of AWS certificate manager is extremely confusing. 1/3

Since I will not use AWS route 53 as my NS provider, the seemingly less inconvenient option I could choose is verify domain ownership by email, but:
On the general part, it seems like that ACM will resolve the subdomain until it gets a domain with MX record. [1]
On the issue/renew part, it seems like that only the email address on current subdomain is used. [2][3]
[3] 2/3

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I got the result described on the general part, but I have no idea what it will do when it wants to renew that certificate.
(Btw, I know that it's possible to automatically do dns verification even using external NS provider, but I don't want to invest time to do it.) 3/3

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