I still don't understand why Apple thinks bundling Safari (the ONLY browser on iOS) with the OS then ONLY push updates via system update is a good idea for security and won't hurt UX by missing the rapidly evolving web standards.

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Gettr development assets (this is Miles Guo ant cult shit):
Jira: jira.gcoder.io
Confluence: confluence.gcoder.io
Gitlab: gitlab.gtvorg.tk
Jenkins: jenkins.gtvorg.tk
Phabricator: phabricator.gtvorg.tk/
Portainer: portainer.gtvorg.tk/
Dev domain: getter-dev.tk
Dev box: (it was already mining monero when I found it)

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TL;DR: The latest reaction for the Pegasus spyware scandal from NSO Group is just a absolutely disguising s**t show.


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If any Israeli company wants to "saving lives", the best thing they could do is lobbying their own government to stop the occupation of Palestinian's land and save Israel from a apartheid state, not developing a design-to-abuse spyware to hurt citizens in other countries.

I'm now forbidden to get my Twitter data archive because I don't have a linked phone number in that account.

Why would many Linux programs place configs and user data on $HOME if they can read these files from $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/$PROGRAM_NAME (e.g. git, nano) or can place these files on %LOCALAPPDATA% on Windows by default (e.g. Firefox)?

However, it's just one of a few very limited good reasons to use regular customer release, besides telemetry, now I need to look through gpedit.msc to disable tons of useless crap, and completely remove most useless uwp apps with Dism++.

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Days after some people upgraded to Windows 11, I finally upgraded my Windows 10 LTSC 2019 installation to 21H1 to get rid of the terrible conhost.exe or the slow and resource heavy Fluent Terminal…

Some major issues solved by this change:
Chaotic upgrade process: with rolling release, users won't need to care about if they can smoothly upgrade old CentOS installation to a newer version.
Outdated and useless built-in packages: with independent development planning, users now can get more up-to-date packages without adding non-enterprise repositories such as nginx.org.

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Stop. Using. RockyLinux.

Replace CentOS with CentOS Stream is the greatest decision CentOS community ever made, it solved tons of issues for this project.

Windows 11 is now officially confirmed requires a TPM 1.2 module as hard floor, now I wonder when will any Linux distros recommend users to enable TPM-based disk encryption if a TPM module is detected.

YouTube Studio Audio Library seems is a good way to find good music, the only issue is that you can't sort favorited music with playlists.

I really don't know what does the "privacy-focused" mean if they think users shouldn't have the right to not send these optional data.

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A so-called "privacy-focused" analytics service is trying to circumvent content blocking by using proxy with common path name:

so private,
much respect,

Can some developers STOP NAMING ANY WebView based thingy as browser???

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Apparently Purism enjoys trying out new stuff. Not that I mind, but we've been monitoring their "librem.one" services for a few months now. It seems that the software behind this SaaS offer is rather unmaintained.

Their Mastodon fork hasn't seen a commit in almost(?) a year, and their synapse server is stuck on 1.23.1, which has at least 4 known CVEs.

At least their VPN seems to get some updates from time to time.


#purism #libremone

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would you watch a weekly live stream where i just ramble with friends / guests about current topics, politics, bad memes, tech, privacy and etc?

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use your skills to work towards a better world, everyone can do something, everyone should do something, that's how we win.

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