Not everyone have the ability to modify code, compile code (if the project is somewhat large), therefore it should be treated as privilege, not freedom. it's the platform's job to maintain software freedom for the users.

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Hot take: on a software platform (browsers, OSes etc.), the more freedom developers get, the less freedom users will receive.

Update: The most famous unofficial Telegram client on Windows, Unigram, is planning to migrate to WinUI 3. [1]
Now the last hope for modern Windows app development is probably powered by the Flutter community, why would Microsoft throw away the awesome platform…


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I got the result described on the general part, but I have no idea what it will do when it wants to renew that certificate.
(Btw, I know that it's possible to automatically do dns verification even using external NS provider, but I don't want to invest time to do it.) 3/3

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Since I will not use AWS route 53 as my NS provider, the seemingly less inconvenient option I could choose is verify domain ownership by email, but:
On the general part, it seems like that ACM will resolve the subdomain until it gets a domain with MX record. [1]
On the issue/renew part, it seems like that only the email address on current subdomain is used. [2][3]
[3] 2/3

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Trying to migrate some resource heavy serverless scripts to AWS after the free bandwidth quota increase, but find out the documentation of AWS certificate manager is extremely confusing. 1/3

Copyright holders are just digital version of landlords. Period.

So nowadays music streaming services are either have some drm $h1t, forcing users to use dark mode theme or making users more difficult to set single song repeat, do prefect music streaming service really exist?

What's the point of blockchain-backed domains (like .bit) if we already have completely free decentralized domains (like .onion)? are shorter prefixes really worth running tons of power hungry infrastructures?

The URL is, if someone else also wants to use it.
I don't collect any PII for the requests.

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Built a serverless Google Fonts proxy for my websites using Cloudflare, the loading speed seems good even when accessing it from China 😋

It's so exciting for push notifications support on a Mastodon client until…you can't get it!

via @apps

Although Windows Sandbox is good enough to run traditional Win32 programs with rock solid isolation, it's far less elegant and will consume far more resources compared to UWP apps, also the immersive "rail mode" mentioned in the overview video isn't documented AT ALL.

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Apparently the situation is even worse: now MS is trying to let devs migrate to Windows App SDK by not providing support for .NET 5/6 and WinUI 3 to UWP projects.

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If automount is disabled for a WSL distro, VS Code can't even install it's remote daemon to WSL properly, very weird

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I have no idea what's going on but it seems like that Intellij IDEA has better support for WSL than VS Code???

I would like to say that if a game vendor can't implement anti-cheat measures properly, they should not implement it, or, don't develop a game on the first place.

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