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I have been using PHP for over 12 years now, and programming for several years more.

I still can not remember date formatting beyond 'Y-m-d h:i:s'.

Unpopular opinion: SPAs are overused in modern web development.

This weekend I pushed out a Laravel library that stores your users' last activity within your application. πŸ§‘πŸ‘©

Got the opportunity to do some gardening today.

Weeding and putting down mulch. πŸ‘


How do you measure the weight of a millennial?


Would you buy/use a computer that ran 3x slower than modern machines if it were more secure (less vulnerable to side-channel attacks)?

Our local ice cream van has contactless payment by Android Pay.

My PHP library for checking if a password has been exposed in a data breach has reached over 50k downloads. πŸ‘πŸŽ‰


@haveibeenpwned @troyhunt

Understanding of any particular computer program ranges between the following two states.

- I understand this completely.
- How has this ever worked?

My primary monitor failed a few days ago. It's given me over 10 years of service. The power LED died after about 6 years, but the display itself kept on ticking.

Preparing the next major release of my data migration tool, UXDM. Not much left to do. πŸ‘

"Dad, what are clouds made of?"
"Linux servers, mostly."

A simple Ubuntu re-install that should have taken ~30 minutes, turning into several hours because of a corrupt download and EFI issues. ☹

Why can I never find a USB drive when I need one?

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