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Are you a web developer? What operating system do you mainly use? Please boost this pole to get more accurate results. #Linux #Arch #Debian #Windows #MacOS #webdeveloper #webdev

I just released a Laravel package that makes retrieving the origin country of a request super easy.

Just call $request->country().

GitHub link:

I'm considering writing a Laravel package that performs geolocation on a request level. What do people think?

Example syntax in screenshot.

cloudflare being down taking down like half the internet is a good example of why centralization is bad

It's been estimated that today's #Cloudflare outage is effecting about 10% of all websites world-wide.

If a lot of your online world is down right now, your word and research topic for the day is #decentralization

Two wind turbines are in a field.

One says to the other, "What type of music do you like?"

The other replies, "Well I'm a big metal fan".

UXDM can now source data from Microsoft SQL server databases, using the new MSSQL Source object. 🎉

If you need to migrate data from a MSSQL DB, using PHP, this might be a good option.

looks pretty amazing. The concept of being to play as anyone will be very impressive if its implemented as they seem to be suggesting.

My open source packages reached a cumulative total of over half a million downloads recently! 🎉😃👍

GNOME discourse 

@HerraBRE Nice. I might give it another go. It's been years since I've tried out KDE.

GNOME discourse 

@HerraBRE That's my reasoning for using for using Ubuntu as well, the 'Just Works' factor.

How did you made the switch to KDE from a regular Ubuntu install? Just installed the kubuntu-desktop package?

GNOME discourse 

@HerraBRE What distro are you using KDE on out of curiousity?

@hypolite Makes sense. What kind of obsolete tech have you used?

@hypolite That's good. It's a job most developers cringe at, but safe refactoring is the best.

@hypolite Indeed. It's almost never a good idea to use a new and shiny bleeding edge technology on an important project.

@panigrc Definitely agree. There are far better elements of programming that should be memorised. Principles are far more valuable than syntax.

@hypolite Nope. Don't remember that one without looking. At a guess, is it one that expands to a full ISO compliant date format?

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