How do you measure the weight of a millennial?


Would you buy/use a computer that ran 3x slower than modern machines if it were more secure (less vulnerable to side-channel attacks)?

Our local ice cream van has contactless payment by Android Pay.

My PHP library for checking if a password has been exposed in a data breach has reached over 50k downloads. 馃憦馃帀


@haveibeenpwned @troyhunt

Understanding of any particular computer program ranges between the following two states.

- I understand this completely.
- How has this ever worked?

My primary monitor failed a few days ago. It's given me over 10 years of service. The power LED died after about 6 years, but the display itself kept on ticking.

Preparing the next major release of my data migration tool, UXDM. Not much left to do. 馃憦

"Dad, what are clouds made of?"
"Linux servers, mostly."

A simple Ubuntu re-install that should have taken ~30 minutes, turning into several hours because of a corrupt download and EFI issues. 鈽

Why can I never find a USB drive when I need one?


Programming and Gaming
SNES games and old cartoons
A wizard
A programming wizard

The latest version of @phpstorm has proper Blade template debugging. Sweet! 馃榿馃憤

Just finished watching . I liked it, but was left wondering where the rest of the story was.

Just released a UXDM bug fix that ensures Eloquent models containing JSON casts update correctly. 馃榿馃憤馃敡

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