Artisan Menu v1.2.0 released! Now with Laravel 6 support.

Run artisan commands from a menu. No more forgetting command names.

I recently released a PHP package that makes executing commands over SSH super simple. You can also upload/download files via SCP.

I just released a Laravel package that makes retrieving the origin country of a request super easy.

Just call $request->country().

GitHub link:

I'm considering writing a Laravel package that performs geolocation on a request level. What do people think?

Example syntax in screenshot.

We do not use Alexa's shopping list.

This is everything she thinks we wanted adding to the shopping list over the past two years.

Just released a package that allows you to programmatically determine if GitHub is working well, or experiencing issues. 😁👍


I'm incredibly happy to announce that `password_exposed` has reached over 25k installs! 🎉😁👍

This package lets you check if a password has been exposed in a data breach. 🔒


@troyhunt @haveibeenpwned

Started on an inventory screen.

Look, it says inventory. That's how you know it's the inventory. 🙂🙃

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