The Langley Foxall Laravel NIST Password Rules package lets you easily add NIST password recommendations to your Laravel apps.

This includes checking for passwords exposed in data breaches, using the haveibeenpwned service.

Artisan Menu v1.2.0 released! Now with Laravel 6 support.

Run artisan commands from a menu. No more forgetting command names.

Slowly upgrading my open source packages to support Laravel 6.0. If you've got a specific need, give me a shout.

I spent a lot of money on a thesaurus recently. When I got home and opened it, all of the pages were blank.

I had no words to describe how angry I was.

Managing a Windows network is having remote desktop connections within remote desktop connections within remote desktop connections.

If seems that if something can be written in JavaScript, it will be written in JavaScript.

I just tried on No Man's Sky in VR. It's good - really good. 🚀

Our power went out for 5.5 hours yesterday. Turns out it was a country wide issue.

Did you know that "git checkout -" works much like "cd -" and switches back and forth between two branches?

You're welcome.

People might also not know Mastodon is not the only type of social media sites that interact here.

There is also:

@pixelfed (Like Instagram)

Peertube (Like YouTube)

(You can see how they look in the pictures in the order that they are mentioned)

You can find more decentralized social media platforms at

#mastodon #pixelfed #peertube

Q: If you, like me, make your income via the internet (not just through something like ecommerce or Patreon...but like a day job that is internet related), and the internet were to go away tomorrow, what other skills do you have to make a living?

I don't know if I have any, and that disappoints me.

Feel free to boost to get a bigger answer pool.

I recently released a PHP package that makes executing commands over SSH super simple. You can also upload/download files via SCP.

Don't use technologies just because you can. Use them if they are needed.

Professional projects should aim little higher than the minimum viable product level. If you're doing much more, you're probably over engineering the solution.

Sure, it not be as exciting. But trust me, the people maintaining your project months or years down the line will prefer boring, well documented tech.

Professional developers everywhere:

Simplify your stuff. Do not unnecessarily use new and shiny technology, when the tried and tested works fine.

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