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If you encounter issues accessing, I am aware of that. I am receiving 40k hits per minute on my server that kind of "DDOS it".

The hits are coming from instances. Mastodon admins should see a lot of 307 errors, in a consequence. Sorry...

Mais où est passé le sujet de Quotidien sur les ventes d'armes françaises, qui a valu à trois de ses journalistes une convocation de la DGSI entre février et avril ?

Il n'a jamais été diffusé.

In, all the data (images, username, bio) are scapped from the server side because I wanted to respect the users' right to privacy, even if it cost much more on my side.

In my opinion, if Mastodon coders want to implement mention as link, they might use a confirm dialog box when clicked and show a difference between mention of actor and mention as link in the statuses.

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seems to implement the as a Twitter link. It's a bad idea.

In terms of UX Mastodon mention opens the profile collumn. Then you are not supposed to leave Mastodon.

Furthermore, people may not want to go to at all. In terms of privacy, I could want to escape and do not use Twitter at all.

While designing, I didn't implement an easy autoredirection because of that. Users need to confirm that they really want to use a GAFAM service.

@tetrapyloctomist You can find the video on our website at this address:

And you might notice... it's actually hosted on our very own instance 😇

We've got big news.

After months of work, Tor Browser is now stable on Android.

Tor Browser 8.5 brings the highest degree of privacy and censorship-circumvention available to Android users.

We reached 6000 followers in the fediverse today! 🎉

Thanks for your support everyone! ❤️

(Meanwhile it's about 2000 on twitter 😃)

OMG, 8500€ le tipeee de @TaranisNews oO
C'est excellent, on a besoin de ces JOURNALISTES, continuons :)

I updated to use the new Mastodon API. It is front-end only : Thanks to that I do not need an extra server. So use it as you want!

~~On April 1, this feed is switching from Mastodon scheduler to the new built-in scheduler and posts may be delayed.

Thanks @David for creating and maintaining the Mastodon scheduler tool we've been using up 'til now.

And then the murders began.

Faites votre bonne action de la journée, cliquez ici :
Cela va envoyer à la RATP une adresse MAC aléatoire à exclure pour les systèmes de traceurs Wifi des panneaux publicitaires. (via

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