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We have a thief in the fediverse!!! (again!)


They stole shamefully their social network interface from #MissKey! @misskey
@syuilo @syuilo
Not any mention of MissKey on their website!

Makes me think of the #Hiveway fiasco, when they shamefully stole Mastodon. Also a crypto pre-ICO. I wouldn't be surprised it are the same guys.

Here is their :twitter: :

Defend the #Fediverse! 🔥

Working a bit on…
This might be the user page.

I codes a cache for data, and nothing seems to be changed… So it is not that… 😣

I don't thinks it's a json problem because I triple check that… On another project it is working perfectly. And it is also good with @Gargron tuto (…

I see one thing : that Mastodon may have some sort of timeout and, as my script is relying on, it is too long to load for Mastodon…

If some or dev want to help and know why does @DavidLibeau is not rendering, you can see the project source code here : :mastodon:

Hey folks, can you tell me if you can see @DavidLibeau on your side? (With images?)

En attendant la poursuite du projet, j'ai eu une nouvelle idée qui va, je pense, plaire au Fediverse ! 🔜

Oklm, @LaPosteBusiness te fait signer un contrat illégal. cc- @CNIL

Les vidéastes peuvent maintenant directement importer des vidéos YouTube sur .

C'est le moment de prendre une résolution pour la rentrée : avoir un compte sur une instance PeerTube !

Some of our partners, independent journalists or medias regularly censored by youtube are very interested in #peertube. :)

@onf Oui, en fait le 12 c'est la date (12 aout) et 19 l'heure. Moi aussi je me suis fait avoir ce matin :D

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